Far Cry Primal Preorder Bonuses Become Available To Everyone Tomorrow

Published: March 21, 2016 11:01 AM /


far cry primal

If you needed yet another reason why preordering things for the incentives is utter pointlessness, we've got one for you now. 

When Ubisoft's prehistoric take on the Far Cry franchise Far Cry Primal became available for preorder, there were several bonuses in there for gamers who drew their wallets early. Among these bonuses were 3 missions that gave you control over a mammoth to do some prehistoric rampaging in addition to a couple of skins you can use for crafting and adds some customization options for your tamed animal friends, and an unbreakable Blood Hasti club you can use to knock some sense into your enemies. In addition to this you also got a couple of bombs that would give you a bit of an edge when you start the game.

If you so desire, you can now obtain these items that were previously exclusive to the people who preordered by purchasing the 'Wenja' pack, which includes all these items including the mammoth missions which reportedly add an extra 45 minutes to the game. This pack will become available tomorrow for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows platforms and will set you back $6.99, essentially asking you for more money because you decided not to buy the game before it got its retail release. 

Quick Take

While there is nothing inherently wrong with offering these bits of content up for money, it somehow feels disingenuous to lock these packs behind a paywall, only to then lock them behind another paywall when the original preorder window closed. I haven't played Far Cry Primal myself, nor do I intend to because the game's setting is unappealing to me personally, so I don't know how important these items may or may not be. It does seem to add quite a bit of stuff to the game and the mammoth missions seem cool, and this is hardly the first time preorder bonuses have been made available to the public some time after release, but it doesn't feel right. 


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