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Ubisoft has showcased the official reveal trailer for Far Cry 5.

Set in the fictional county of Hope, Montana, the game will have you play the new junior deputy of the county as they lock horns with the fanatical doomsday cult known as the Project of Eden's Gate, lead by Joseph "The Father" Seed. Seed and his men have been silently orchestrating a coup to take over the entire county, and it is up to the player to take the fight to the cult across swaths of Big Sky Country, surviving in the woods and using every weapon and vehicle they can muster against the fanatical forces as they "take back America" from the cult.


In addition to fighting the cult on your own, players will have to help lead the resistance against the fanatics by recruiting Hope county residents to their cause. You can also recruit animals as well, such as trained bears and cougars, to help compliment the playstyle of the player; whether it is the guns blazing approach or a more stealthy route.

The player will have to take on the whole Seed family, including his eldest son Jacob, an army veteran and survival expert, younger brother John, an aggressive lawyer and the face of the cult, and their half-sister Faith, who keeps the cultists focused and on the right path as the peacekeeper of the family.

The Seed family and the Project of Edens Gate are not the only enemies the player will face. Ubisoft worked diligently to make the diverse landscape of Montana as believable as possible, adding an element of untamed wilderness to this corner of America. Wild animals, survival camps; the large-scale world building we expect from the Far Cry series is present and accounted for, and more important than ever in showcasing a believable biome for the series.

Ubisoft is going all out with the symbolism in Far Cry 5. This especially is the case with the game's large cast of characters, but the world of Montana perhaps serves as the biggest character of all. According to executive producer Dan Hay, the team at Ubisoft visited Montana to draw inspiration for the game and came away with three core concepts from the folks living in the state: freedom, faith, and firearms.

"People from that region don’t necessarily trust the government. They don’t want to be fucked with," stated Hay in an interview with Polygon. "They want to be left alone. They have a pretty goddamn good bullshit detector. When we were there, they absolutely didn’t want to be lied to, and this resonating feeling of freedom, faith — and the firearms to protect those two things — came back again and again. So that’s what we’re doing. And we’re applying that to the Far Cry series.”

Ubisoft was extremely cautious in sharing a lot of information on Far Cry 5, mostly due to the real-life political climate and how it has changed since the game began development four years ago. Hay has spoken about his own experiences growing up, the uncertainty found during the Cold War era and the threat of nuclear bombs dropping. He tapped into that same uncertainty for the game, mostly due to the current events facing the world today.

“Gone is the language of the ‘global village,” Hay said. “Now we’re starting to hear words like ‘us’ and ‘them.’ I was talking to the team about that, and they said, ‘Well, yeah. But we’re not seeing proof of that. We’re not seeing that in the world."

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From a game standpoint, Far Cry 5 will have some reported unique features, including optional co-op play for the entire game. Another is the "resistance meter" which ties into the game's dynamic AI. The more of a threat the player becomes, the harder the cult will hit back against the player and their allies, altering their strategies against the player to deal with a growing problem.

Of course, Far Cry 5 is not without pre-order bonuses either. Ubisoft has two packages set for pre-order. The Deluxe Edition, priced at $69.99, will include several in-game packs of weapons and vehicles, with unique skins. Some of the names include the Big Game Hunter Pack, Ace Pilot Pack, Explosive Pack, and the Chaos Pack.

For $89.99 you can get the Gold Edition, which includes all of the packs plus a season pass on top. For $99.99, you get the Steelbook Gold Edition, which is the same as the Gold Edition, but with a steelcase book instead.

Far Cry 5 is scheduled for release next year, on February 27th, 2018 for the PC, Xbox One and PS4. PS4 players will also be given access to free content when purchasing the game at launch, while Xbox and PC players will have to go through the Ubisoft Club for extra content.

So what are your thoughts on Far Cry 5? Leave your comments below. 


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