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Earlier at EGX Rezzed we had a chance to talk with Jon Merchant of Running With Scissors regarding the upcoming Postal Redux and one of the most interesting things that he revealed to us today is that they are making a change to the way the game concludes.

The original ending of Postal was highly controversial with the "Postal Dude" going to a school to continue his shooting spree there, only to be unable to hurt anyone in what was ultimately a dream sequence. The change of the ending is trying to better reflect the times as they felt that at that time school shootings weren't really a thing, whereas in today's world they have been an all too common occurrence. What it will be changed to is at this point unknown, but given the Postal series history of over the top antics it is likely not going to dial down the spectacle any. John Marchant said this about it:

Naturally during the development of POSTAL Redux we discussed various aspects we would change to improve the experience, and the ending was part of that. We all collectively decided that the overall feel of the level wasn't cohesive to the game and not appropriate for the current climate. "The Elementary School" has been changed to "The End". This will transition the ending of the game more appropriately into the Dude’s psychosis, and will reflect a more accurate representation of how we feel the game should have always ended. 

The final level in the original POSTAL was very misrepresented in the media, who often said it was possible to kill children, but this was never the case as the entire thing was a cinematic dream sequence where the protagonist attempted to shoot up a school, but failed as his bullets and rockets had no affect on the NPC's.  The whole idea of the original ending no longer applies anyway - it was supposed to depict something that, at the time, would have been completely unthinkable, and out of touch with reality.  Tragically the sad truth is that, in today's world, it is no longer an unthinkable nightmare but a very depressing reality. 

We're very happy with our choice of direction, and we believe that the new ending is an improvement that people will enjoy.

If you want to learn more about the upcoming Postal Redux, which is expected to launch in May, you should check out our interview with Jon where we discuss the game and the future of Running with Scissors. There's a lot of interesting things there so be sure to give it a look. If you're interested in learning more about the Postal series, perhaps a review of the last expansion to Postal 2 known as Paradise Lost is something you want to look at as that came out only a year ago as an expansion for the sequel Postal 2.

What do you think of Running with Scissors decision to change the ending? Do you trust them to nail an appropriate toned ending while staying relevant? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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