Evolve Delayed to 2015

Published: August 5, 2014 6:07 PM /



Another in a growing list of games delayed to 2015 is Evolve. Take-Two revealed in a financial report that Evolve is delayed until February 10, 2015, four months after the initial release date of October 21st. With the game recently in a closed Alpha, which I was privy to (but can't tell you about), it appears that they have decided the game is going to take some more work before they release it to the public.

If anything, like most of the other delays, this is good news. Turtle Rock Studios has taken the feedback it has garnered from its limited 3-day alpha and realized that they need to do some major work before the game is in a serviceable state. It is far better to have a game released later, in a more complete state, than earlier in a less-than-finished state.

The supposed packed months of October and November 2014 are suddenly becoming a little slimmer. Just a little. There are still a ton of games coming out in and around those two months that we will all have plenty to both look forward to and to keep us all busy. If anything, Evolve's delay, in addition to the numerous others, will help us deal with months of drought where any new games of note come out - good or bad.


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