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Evoland 2

Hop into your time machines as Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder is coming out next month. We hopped into our time machines to find this information ourselves and have a date of August 25th, 2015 A.D. as the date it will be emerging, but the exact time is in flux with some sort of spacetime confusion blocking our vision. Or maybe it's timezones, the two causes are still being argued over at Raptor HQ.

Evoland 2 is the sequel to the very successful Evoland which was the evolution from Evoland Classic which won the Ludum Dare #24 that it was entered in, out of 1400 entrees. After winning they opted to go and make the game into a full release as Shiro Games and after selling over 500 000 copies the sequel is on it's way, bigger and more ambitious. Evoland took you on a journey of action-adventure games, from the earliest titles to the modern 3d games you expected but was focused in on that one genre to great effect. Evoland 2 on the other hand claims no such restriction to genre, being the most ambitious  title that Shiro Games has worked on to date.

Look I'm an RPG
Look I'm an RPG

And a Tactics game!
And a Tactics game!

And a Shoot'em Up!



Evoland 2 is going for a much more comprehensive look at gaming's past with 4 main gameplay styles in RPG, Tactics, Platformer, and Shoot'em Up focused on with many more appearing in the game, along with the different types of art and technology that one would expect from an Evoland title. The game aims to use time travel in some mechanism to help showcase that as you go into an area at different time frames in the game and the appearance will be different based on that, the game utilizes 3 main art styles of past, present, and future as illustrated by the Mine, a repeatedly gone through area in the game:

The mine from the past to the future

Evoland 2 will also feature several allies in the game who will lend their power to help out the hero. Each of the allies will be able to use all their powers, in all styles of game play if used. The example provided by Shiro Games on their devblog, which has tons of info on the game, is Velvet an explorer and archaeologist. Velvet found the Book of Frost and can use that to freeze enemies in fights or in puzzle mode freeze the board for a moment, or do other freeze things in different game modes.

The game looks to explore some of the key ideas behind time travel and the paradoxes that can arise as well as the difficulties in changing time to avoid the bad future. Doing that helps give lots of reasons to go back and forth between times, letting the different game play styles have room to breathe as well as providing some excellent plot material. It is available for pre-order for $17.99, $2 off the retail price and coming with the PDF artbook of the game. Of course, what type of announcement would this be if we didn't have a trailer, so I'll stop talking and let you take a look.


Quick Take

Evoland 2 looks like it's going to be an excellent game so far, and as long as Shiro Games ambition hasn't outreached its capabilities it has a lot of room to explore with time travel, different game play, and different art styles. Evoland as a series can also help keep history of games alive by introducing new generations of players to game types or conventions they haven't seen before perhaps causing them to seek out the classics out there. Expect to see more on Evoland 2 in the near future! Oh and if you wanted another art piece, here's a look at a mosaic:


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