Erotic Furry Game Data Breach Compromises Data For 400K Users

Published: November 22, 2018 2:59 PM /


furry game data breach

A furry game data breach has compromised data for 411,000 users for the game High Tail Hotel as reported by

High Tail Hotel is a game in the furry fandom that can stray into the territory of erotica. Unfortunately, enthusiasts for this particular fetish have found themselves the victim of a successful hacking attempt on the HTH website.

The furry game data breach took place in August of 2018 but it had only been noticed recently. User e-mails, names, IP addresses, and orders to the site had been exposed. Thankfully, no credit card information or other financial data was stolen as part of this particular furry game data breach. Salted hashes were part of the included data, but the very nature of salting makes it much less likely that anything nefarious can be done with that particular bit of data.

Data breaches are unfortunately all too common for companies at all sorts of sizes. A 2014 data breach at Yahoo had information on nearly half a billion accounts stolen. Japanese developer NIS America also suffered a breach in March of this year, potentially compromising the credit card data of a portion of its customers.

The announcement was made yesterday after High Tail Hotel Studios had been alerted by Tony Hunt, founder of Have I Been Pwnd. The site allows you to discover if your e-mail address had been exposed in a data breach with records going back several years.

A statement on the developer's website details the full timeline of events. The exposed information from the furry game data breach took place on an older, less secure version of the company's website that has since been supplanted by an upgrade. High Tail Hotel Studios states that they are working with their internal security team to ensure that everything is locked down properly. Of course, they are also in contact with law enforcement and are investigating the possibilities of taking legal action against the hackers.

While the damage of the furry game data breach appears to be as minimal as one could hope for this sort of thing, High Tail Hotel Studios nonetheless advises its users to change their passwords to ensure that their other information remains safe.

What do you think of the furry game data breach? Do you think adult-oriented websites are more or less vulnerable to these kinds of attacks? Let us know in the comments below!