Epic Store Exclusive Close To The Sun Launches May 2nd On PC

Published: April 12, 2019 10:00 AM /


close to the sun release

First-person horror adventure Close to the Sun will launch for PC on May 2nd. The game will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store. As far as we know, that exclusivity is not timed, and the game will not be available via any other digital storefronts.

Developer Storm in a Teacup says its partnership with Epic Games has "accelerated the development process" of Close to the Sun and allowed the studio's staff to "showcase their collective talents". A console release will follow sometime this year, although we don't yet know an exact date for that. Publishing duties for both the console and PC versions are being handled by UK-based company Wired Productions. A new trailer accompanies the release date announcement which you can check out here:


The trailer is giving off some distinctly BioShocky vibes. Close to the Sun sees players exploring the Helios, a ship created by famed electro-eccentric Nikola Tesla. The game is set in an alternate 19th century in which Tesla was able to "fulfill his potential", so the world of Close to the Sun is full of his inventions and creations. Something has gone horribly wrong on the Helios, as when protagonist Rose arrives she sees a single word daubed across the entrance: "Quarantine". Rose must navigate the ship in search of her sister, Ada, discovering what's gone wrong along the way.

Gameplay-wise, you're looking at some light puzzling and lots of exploration. Combat won't figure too heavily in Close to the Sun; instead, players will need to run away from monsters they encounter. Other than that, it's all very sedate and atmospheric, so don't expect the frantic to-and-fro of BioShock from this one. Console players can enjoy Close to the Sun at some point this year. For PC players, it'll be out via the Epic Games Store on May 2nd. It'll set you back $29.99.

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