E3 2014 - Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

June 9, 2014 1:44 PM

By: Jason Dulin


With some of the first gameplay from Sledgehammer's new entry into the CoD, series, we finally get a fair amount of gameplay with the campaign. Seemless transition from CGI video to the actual game, you find yourself and a group of squadmates thrown into the fray of war in a metroplis that looks similar to New York City. The graphics and audio seem to be top notch, with the action very cinematic, which is what CoD is known for. With mecs, advanced weaponry, and a slew of other goodies, expect this entry into the Cod franchise to not only be different, but hopefully a breathe of fresh air for the series.

Graphically, Cod AW looks phenomenal. Facial features, clothing, and the entire landscape look realistic and add that extra layer of immersing you into this futuristic world you are in. Expect the game to follow suit in the audio department, as CoD has never lacked in that area.

Phil Spencer has announced that all add-on content will arrive on the Xbox One first this fall, which gives Microsoft a slight edge in the multiplayer area of the game. Expect to play Call of Duty Adanced Warfare this fall.

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Author: Jason Dulin |
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