Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition Delayed

Published: October 8, 2014 3:11 PM



It was announced last night that the PlayStation Plus Edition of Driveclub will be delayed. Developer, Evolution Studios, broke the news early this morning on the game's official Facebook page, marking the latest in a long series of delays the title has suffered.

The Facebook post cites unspecified server issues as the reason for the delay, and promises updates, although no updated release date for the PlayStation Plus Edition was given as this article goes live. A short time ago, however, Evolution Studios tweeted that the European PlayStation Plus Edition would not be available today, which makes it seem increasingly likely that North American PlayStation Plus members won't be receiving access to the game today. From the language of the tweet, Driveclub's PlayStation Plus Edition could be several days out.



The Driveclub companion app for iOS and Android has also been delayed until Evolution Studios is able to release updates to the servers in the coming days, relieving them of connectivity issues that have plagued the full version of the game since its release yesterday. This article will be updated as new information becomes available regarding the release of both the companion app and the PlayStation Plus version of the game.


For what it's worth, Driveclub wasn't the only PlayStation title experiencing issues yesterday, with players reporting problems downloading the newly-released NBA2K15. AskPlayStation responded to gamers on Twitter, also mentioning Destiny, seemingly unaware of Bungie's scheduled maintenance.

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