Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince Unveiled For December

Published: June 21, 2023 11:10 AM /


An old man standing beside two monsters in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

Square Enix and Nintendo have announced Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, a new game in the Dragon Quest Monsters sub-series of monster-rearing RPGs. The game is due to land on December 1st exclusively for Nintendo Switch and will revolve around the journey of a cursed demon prince.

We first got wind of a new Dragon Quest Monsters game last month, when Square Enix teased its existence as part of the Monsters series' 25th anniversary. Now, the game has officially been unveiled, and it's even got a release date and everything, which is nice to see.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince stars Psaro, the titular dark prince, and takes place in the world of Nadira. Psaro must build a party of monsters in order to battle his way through his enemies and become the Master of Monsterkind, which is a typically Dragon Quest title to have. You can check out the trailer for the new Dragon Quest Monsters game here.

As you play through Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, you'll cycle through all four seasons, and different monsters and areas will be available to you depending on what season it is. Per a press release, the "newly-evolved" synthesis system will let you fuse monsters to unlock over 500 creatures, including "franchise favorites, dark lords, and completely new creatures".

You'll also be able to take your monsters online in order to battle other players, so you can put your team to the ultimate test and discover who's the better Monster Wrangler. If you've loved previous Dragon Quest Monsters games, this one looks like it was tailor-made for you.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on December 1st. Stay tuned for more info about this one and all other things relating to Dragon Quest, and in the meantime, why not get caught up on all the other announcements from today's Nintendo Direct?


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