Dota 2 Fall Season Brings Updates To Dota Plus, Guilds, And More

Published: October 16, 2020 9:40 AM /


Some of the heroes in Dota 2

Valve has announced some new features coming to Dota 2 as part of the fall season. The features focus mainly on the game's Dota Plus monthly subscription service as well as updates to the Guild system.

What's changing in Dota 2's Dota Plus subscription service?

Dota Plus members will be getting a bunch of new quests and ways to earn shards in the 2020 fall season. If you're a Dota Plus member, you can now purchase a new treasure containing 12 community-created sets for various heroes using your shard currency. Valve says it plans to have a new seasonal treasure available for shard purchase every three months, with the next one up for grabs on December 1st.

Perhaps the most major announcement for Dota Plus members is the addition of the Role Assistant hero window. Dota 2 heroes are often played in different positions depending on the patch, so the new Role Assistant will automatically calculate which roles heroes are being played in within Ranked games and display those heroes in their most popular positions. You can filter this data via MMR, too, so higher ranks (or lower ranks) will be exempt from your search.

The Role Assistant window in Dota 2
Dota 2's new Role Assistant window organizes heroes based on their most-played roles.

In addition, the number of players on the Avoid Players list has been bumped up from 16 to 25, and several features that were part of the Battle Pass have been moved into Dota Plus. Those features are as follows:

  • Chat Wheel sound effects can now be obtained via redeeming shards
  • ALT pull timers are now available to Dota Plus subscribers
  • Post-game healing and gold stats have merged with the Dota Plus damage tab
  • Dota Plus subscribers can earn extra shards in the Battle Pass MVP feature via a new Seasonal quest

What else is changing in the Dota 2 fall season?

The other major feature coming in the Dota 2 fall season is a change to the Guild system. Valve says Guilds will no longer have a level; instead, there will be a leaderboard featuring Guild points earned in a given region. Each week, Guild members will receive a new rank and will be able to claim shards as a reward. If you're a Dota Plus subscriber, you'll earn double the shards. A favorable Guild position will also grant access to perks. Here's how the Guild perks are looking right now.

Guild perks in Dota 2

At the end of each week, Dota 2 Guilds will lose one percentage point of Guild points. This is to help Guilds who are lagging behind to catch up with those at the top of the leaderboard. Guild contracts will now earn both points for your Guild and shards. Every player will have access to a single contract slot per day, but Dota Plus subscribers get an extra slot. Remember, you can only create a Dota 2 guild if you're a Dota Plus susbcriber, but you can join one whether or not you're signed up.

There are plenty of other changes coming to Dota 2 in the upcoming fall season, so make sure you head over to the official website to check out other changes. These include switch-ups to the way ranked MMR works, as well as a pledge from Valve to improve its communication to its fanbase. You can play Dota 2 for free right now on PC via Steam. A Dota Plus subscription will set you back $3.99 each month, but you'll get access to challenges, relics, and rewards exclusive to subscribers.

Are you looking forward to these Dota 2 changes? Let us know in the comments below!

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