Diablo Immortal Anniversary Update To Add New Weapons, Skills, And Much More

Published: June 13, 2023 9:54 AM /


Some of the grinning demons that await you in the new Diablo Immortal anniversary update

Diablo IV may be grabbing all the demonic headlines, but Diablo Immortal is still summoning demons from the Stygian abyss with the best of 'em, and a new anniversary update is bringing even more content to the game this week. You can look forward to a new zone and questline, as well as new vile demons to defeat, a new combat mechanic to learn, and more.

As Diablo IV's sales figures pass $666 million (I see what you did there, Blizzard), the series' flagship mobile title will have plenty of new stuff for you to check out in a couple of days. First up, you can explore the brand new Ancients' Cradle zone, where you'll meet two peoples, the Lilin and Inari, who can trace their lineage back to the beginning of Sanctuary. A new questline will also have you chasing down the Cult of Terror as you try to stop them purifying the Worldstone.

If Diablo Immortal's base challenge isn't enough for you, then you can also look forward to Inferno Difficulty. To unlock this new option, you'll have to be Paragon Level 800 and beat Phangwrth on Hell Difficulty VIII. Subsequent Inferno Difficulty levels can be unlocked by battling two of the new Hearthrot Demons: Strazos, Steadfast Decay for Inferno Difficulty II and Khuluul the Crooked Grin for Inferno Difficulty III.

A shot demonstrating the new Stances option in combat in Diablo Immortal
A new Stances system is being introduced to Diablo Immortal's also-new Inferno Difficulty, giving you more options in combat.

As well as the above demons, a new Stances system is being introduced for Inferno Difficulty. It's intended to provide extra passive bonuses, giving each class an Offensive and Defensive stance they can shift between every 30 seconds. Bonuses include extra attack speed for the Barbarian, more movement speed for the Demon Hunter, and boosted crit chance for Wizard skills, among others.

Each Diablo Immortal class is gaining access to a new skill that you'll unlock at level 53 in this update. The aim, according to Blizzard, is to give classes extra utility in groups or to fill underserved niches. New skills include a new AoE strike for the Crusader, a buff to HP and movement speed for the Monk, and a delayed frost damage spell for the Wizard. You will also find 36 new Legendary items that you can obtain if you're playing on Inferno difficulty.

For more info on everything that's coming to Diablo Immortal in the new anniversary update, be sure to take a look at Blizzard's full patch notes, where you'll find detailed rundowns on new class mechanics, Stances, Legendary gems, and much more. Here's the schedule for server maintenance for the update, after which you'll be able to check out all the new content.

  • Oceania, China, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Europe servers: 5pm-7pm PDT, June 14th
  • American servers: 1am-3am PDT, June 15th

Diablo Immortal is available to play for free right now on PC and mobile devices. 


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