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Deliver Yourself In Unbox This September

August 12, 2016

By: Don Parsons


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the cardboard box carrying your mail was sentient? What it would be like if mail delivered itself? Well the people at Prospect Games did and have created Unbox, a 3d Platformer, where you play as Newbie, a living, sentient box, who must prove his worth as a self-delivering package to the Global Postal Service.

In Unbox you begin with a series of tests designed by the Postal Service to test out and prove the concept of sentient, self-delivering packages. However, beyond the Global Postal Services' struggle there is another story of the devious Boss Wild and his Wild Cards, who are causing issues for many people throughout the world. In the game you have the ability to "unbox" and shed your outer layer and shrink in size, adding another jump; based on the trailer it appears you can do up to 5 of these mid air jumps in a series. During play you can find yourself racing against a clock, solving puzzles, blowing things up, knocking a bunch of things over, or generally having fun with physics.

We're not done on features for Unbox yet though! Beyond the story and platforming, there is a wide variety of charming characters promised in the game, and you have the ability to heavily customize your box. That includes choosing what type of box, clothing, accessories, and of course, hats. Beyond that there is a retro-inspired local multiplayer mode with up to 4 players on a split screen that you can play with your friends in a variety of challenges including races, battles, collection competitions, and more. 


Unbox, to use the developers own phrase, tries to be "Retro without the rose-tinted glasses." What we're looking at here is a full Unreal Engine 4 game, with many modern conveniences and art direction, but one that tries to take many of its cues in design philosophy from older 90s' style 3D platformers.

Unbox is releasing September 7th by Prospect Games on PC via Steam, and you can learn more about it on the official site.

Don Parsons
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