Crytek Hack Reveals Possible Ryse Sequel and More

Published: November 1, 2020 1:26 PM /



With the re-release of the GPU-melting Crysis and Hunt: Showdown roaring in popularity, Crytek has been active as of late. More projects are probably in development, and we might have a closer look at what the studio is cooking up. With the recent news of a possible Crytek hack, more credence is given to this rumor after alleged leaks show up on Twitter, as discovered by Resetera and Reddit posters.

Although these are just rumors and speculation, the alleged leaked documents show that there's plenty more in the works at the Germany-based studio. The leaked documents point to several new Crysis titles, which are labeled as "Crysis Next," "Crysis VR," as well as "Crysis Remaster." The latter surely refers to the recently released Crysis Remastered, but the other two are much more interesting.

The leak further reveals that Crysis Next might be a battle royale, which would have featured "100s of players" and "adaptive Nanosuit powers." A teaser image accompanies the document, showing a soldier in one of the iconic suits from the series.

Now, for history fans out there, and those who enjoyed Ryse: Son of Rome, you might be getting a sequel. "Ryse Next" is also listed in the documents, although that's about all there is. While Ryse wasn't huge for the company after a rocky reception, the action title received a PC port later in its lifespan and has a "Very Positive" rating on Steam.

Other titles point to a possible Hunt: Showdown port to mobile devices, as well as something called "Robinson II," which, if real, would indicate a sequel to the company's VR title called "Robinson: The Journey."

Again, these are unverified leaks and are possibly fake, but given that Crytek was hacked recently, this could all be an indication of what's to come from the company.

Are you interested in any of these games? What game do you want to see from Crytek next? Let us know in the comments below!

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