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Crunchyroll to Start Publishing Games

August 25, 2017

By: Andrew Otton


Anyone who is even mildly interested in anime knows what Crunchyroll is, a streaming platform for anime and various Asian drama shows and movies (as well as manga). In terms of legally viewing that sort of content, it's the place to go. Now, with the Crunchyroll Expo beginning today, Gree, the company who Crunchyroll will be partnering along with Sumitomo Corporation, has announced the three companies will be working together to localize and publish games outside of Japan.

Crunchyroll is starting off slow, first only committing to localizing and distributing Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? MEMORIA FREESE developed by Wright Flyer Studios. The mobile game came out June in Japan and had three million downloads in the first month. The game is due out from Crunchyroll sometime next year.

Crunchyroll plans for this to be a long-term partnership, so as time goes on they will likely be more involved. The press release mentions Crunchyroll as a starting point for distribution, implying something further in the future.

Gree will handle all the copyrights and design for the games, while Crunchyroll and Sumitomo Corporation handle the localization, distribution, and promotional aspects of the games. Sumitomo Corporation will eventually expand its role by distributing other apps in the future. In terms of the overall partnership between the three companies, they will be working to bring both mobile and PC games to areas outside of Japan.


Crunchyroll has always been willing to step into other areas, as they don't just simply stream anime. They also help publish manga, invest in anime shows, and have even done some physical distribution of anime, selling Blu-ray and DVD sets.

What do you think of Crunchyroll getting into the game publishing business? What games would you like them to tackle in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

Andrew Otton
Editor in Chief

Editor in Chief at TechRaptor. Has long believed Dynasty Warriors 4 to be the pinnacle of gaming.

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