Counter-Strike Sees Winter Update's Rifle and Pistol Changes Reverted

Published: December 16, 2015 2:04 PM /


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Last week, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive saw a huge update that made a number of big changes to the game's mechanics, as well as the addition of a new gun. While many of these changes were good additions to the game, there were a few that truly upset a large part of the Counter-Strike Community, namely the accuracy changes for pistols, and the complete reworking of the spray for the game's 3 main rifles, and the original inclusion of the new R8 Revolver. In a blog post yesterday, Valve gave some insight into why they made the changes, and stated that they were rolling the changes to the pistols and rifles back to how they were before the patch.

The main reason that for the rifle change was, in Valve's words, to offer the community more choice and to make tapping and bursting more appealing to players due to spraying having become the most popular rifle use. In their own words, they stated that the update failed to do what it set out to accomplish, because of the effect that it had on players that were already tapping and bursting as well as the unforeseen result of continued spray use.

Certain pistols saw a change as well, in that accuracy while moving was greatly increased, and while the outcry from the community was not as great for this change as it was for the rifles, they have been reverted as well. At the same time, the developer has mentioned that they are going to be looking for a better way to bring balance and skill to the pistols and rifles, so it's likely not the end of any changes to the guns.

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The community has been in an uproar since last week's update, with the Global Offensive Subreddit seeing a large number of posts about the new update, as well as comments both good and bad from a number of noted players and commentators in the CS:GO competitive scene. Valve was quick to push out a patch when the new R8 Revolver was found to be an overpowered addition with some bugs that affected gameplay, but when the rifle and pistol changes remained, so did the discontent. With posts ranging from questioning the update to pure anger, it's no wonder that Valve took note and stepped up to make a change.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a huge community around it, with over 600,000 players logging in daily to play the game. While this isn't the "end" of any changes, and we're sure to see some form of changes in the future, the fact that Valve is reverting the patch (as well as the quick patch to the R8) shows that they listen to the community and are willing to own up when a patch doesn't go as expected. In the end, that's all that players really want when it comes to big changes, to be a part of the process.


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