Cooking Mama: Cookstar Music Reportedly Ripped from YouTube

Published: April 6, 2020 1:45 PM /


Cooking Mama: Cookstar music cover

Cooking Mama: Cookstar is a strange game. This newest release in the franchise has popped up and disappeared from stores, and now dataminers have revealed that the Cooking Mama: Cookstar music may have been ripped from YouTube of all places.

Let's rewind a bit: Cooking Mama: Cookstar has had a very odd release as reported by IGN. The short of it is that the game has announced its release and was on the Nintendo eShop for a few hours before disappearing entirely. Now, getting it can be a chore in some regions (especially in Europe) and no one is saying why.

One allegation was that Cookstar was making use of a cryptocurrency miner in the game's code. The devs have categorically denied this statement, and others have cited that the Nintendo Switch hardware is too underpowered to serve as an effective cryptocurrency miner.

What may have been the reason, however, has been reportedly discovered by a dataminer that has gotten their hands on the game: the music.

The Datamine of Cooking Mama: Cookstar Music (And Other Details)

As noted in this tweet, some dataminers have discovered that file names for the music point to YouTube. Based on the file name (and assuming that it hasn't been renamed), it seems that this YouTube video featuring music from Cooking Mama 5 may have been ripped and used for music in Cookstar.

While strange, this is not necessarily an oddity for the franchise. As noted by the dataminers, Cooking Mama 5 had a stock image leftover in the game. This also led them to post a dump of the character images and a request for anyone to point out art that they may have noticed:

Cooking Mama: Cookstar music player icons
Aside from the music, dataminers have also dug up character portraits that seem like new additions to the series.

Further examination by the dataminers hasn't revealed anything else of note. Notably, they mentioned that they have discovered no indications of a crypto-miner in the game, lending further support to the dev's statement that these rumors were untrue.

We've reached out to 1st Playable Productions on the matter of the Cooking Mama: Cookstar music and will update this article when we receive a reply.

Why do you think Cooking Mama: Cookstar was apparently pulled from stores? Do you think we'll see it released anytime soon? Let us know in the comments below!

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