Consortium: the Tower Reaches Funding Goal

Published: April 16, 2016 1:53 PM /


consortium the tower

While Consortium: The Tower wasn't able to reach its goal on Kickstarter and thus had to relaunch on FIG, it appears that for the IDGI team the second shot is yet again proving more successful than the first. Just like how the original Consortium needed two goes at crowdfunding to get a success, Consortium: The Tower has surpassed its funding target of 300,000 US from a mixture of investors and rewards based backers.

Right now Consortium: The Tower has $308,187 pledged to it, of which 225k is from investors and 82k is from rewards backers—the difference in adding them is almost certainly rounding stuff. The total number of supporters is 2561, and of that 2414 are rewards backers, meaning there are 147 investors who have put on average over $1500 each. IDGI has said that most of their Kickstarter backers, whom they offered their super backer bonus to (which would give them all future Consortium games), have not made the move over to Fig. 

With reaching the goal IDGI has revealed their first stretch goal, which is set at $350k. Called "Equipment Engineering" this goal will allow the team to create a system that is focused on letting you combine some material types (elements, compounds, and exotics) into upgrades for what you have. While there is a promise of more details, some of Gregory's comments there in the comment section reveal that this is more about allowing you to customize your gear to fit your playstyle and upgrade things rather than creating all new tools. This would follow their general philosophy of making all of your abilities generally available out of the box, while letting the player work on deciding what they want to focus on doing in the game.

Consortium: The Tower's crowdfunding campaign is still running right now and has 25 days left if you want to support it before it's May 8th conclusion.

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