Cities: Skylines 2 Gets Last Weekly Patch With Even More Fixes

Colossal Order has released Cities: Skylines 2 patch, including tweaks and fixes aplenty, but it's going to be the last of the weekly patches as the developers shift to tackling bigger updates.

Published: November 16, 2023 12:55 PM /


Cities: Skylines 2 Patch hero image

Colossal Order released a new patch for its city builder Cities: Skylines 2, aiming to provide more fixes to improve the PC version of the game. 

As mentioned earlier this week by CEO Mariina Hallikainen mentioned earlier this week, this is the last of the initial sequence of weekly patches. From now on, the developers will focus on tackling bigger issues with bigger patches, which means that each will take more time.  

This time around, we get more garbage tweaks, a few quality-of-life additions, plenty of bug fixes, and more.

A Farm in Cities Skylines 2

Below you can read the full patch notes.

  • Reduced occurrences of texture resolution dropping
  • Fixed case where in-game would appear black when playing offline
  • Fixed undesired clothing variations
  • Fixed "Garbage Pilling Up" warning notification icon not being removed after garbage is collected
  • Fixed citizen model changing when characters go in/out of buildings
  • Increased citizen preference to park cars on building lots vs roadside
  • Fixed multiple pathfinding bugs and general improvements
  • Improved calculation accuracy for fitting pickups on parking lots
  • Fixed bug resetting line visibility when changing the Transport Overview Panel tab or transport type
  • Fixed flaws and optimized air pollution, especially on the Tampere map
  • Added "Under Construction" section and progress bar for spawnables SIP (Selected Info Panel)
  • Hid other SIP sections until building construction is completed
  • Added button to toggle visibility for whole list of lines at once
  • Balanced parking buildings' construction and upkeep costs, electricity and water consumption, garbage accumulation, XP rewards and workplaces
  • Increased passive service coverage range and effect of the Elementary School, Medical Clinic, Hospital, Fire House, Fire Station, Police Station and Police Headquarters
  • Balanced processing and sewage capacity of Wastewater treatment plant Extra Processing Unit
  • Fixed coverage not shown fully green when placing Police station
  • Tweaked terrain cliff texture tiling and detail texture values
  • Fixed padding issues in the main menu
  • Fixed Japanese UI layout issues
  • Updated credits

Cities: Skylines 2 is currently available only for PC, but Colossal Order promises that all these tweaks and fixes will go into optimizing the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions for when they launch in spring 2024. 

The release of the PC version of the game was admittedly flawed, but having played it at Gamescom, I believe it's definitely promising. The original Cities: Skylines was far from perfect at release as well, and with time it became the best city builder on the market.  

In the meanwhile, we'll be getting eight region packs for free, created by community modders, while no paid DLC will be launched until the game's remaining performance issues are fully fixed

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