Catherine Full Body Revealed, Remake Coming to PS4 and Vita

Published: December 19, 2017 2:05 PM /


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Announced in Weekly FamitsuCatherine Full Body is a remake of Atlus's surreal puzzle game and set to be released for the PS4 and Vita. As reported upon by Gematsu, among others, Catherine Full Body is a collaboration between Atlus and Studio Zero. As you may remember, Studio Zero was a new team created by Atlus to work on Project Re Fantasy. Catherine Full Body will introduce a third "Catherine," as well as add online battles, new blocks, more endings and events, and more. A full reveal stream is set to launch on December 22nd on NicoNico, much more information to follow. At the very least, Catherine Full Body will release for the PS4 and the Vita.

Originally released for the PS3 and Xbox 360, Catherine is a puzzle-platformer lauded for its mature themes and surreal imagery. Main character Vincent Brooks is caught in a tale of two Catherines and must choose between them: either Katherine, his steady girlfriend who's heavily hinting at marriage; or the young Catherine, who attempts to satisfy Vincent's desire for a perpetual bachelor lifestyle. Catherine is spent between animated daytime scenes spent at work and at the bar and nighttime puzzle sections born out of Vincent's nightmares. Catherine Full Body is adding another girl into the mix: Rin, a pianist at Vincent's favorite bar who attempts to help Vincent through his ordeals.

Intended as a stopgap between the release of Persona 4 and 5Catherine enjoyed considerable popularity upon release, even making appearances at EVO as a side tournament. Rumors surrounding Catherine Full Body's existence began to fly several months ago, with staff from Studio Zero hinting towards a sequel. The remake itself was rumored only as early as this week, however. According to the Famitsu interview, the "Full Body" subtitle relates to the term describing wines, while also hinting towards the game's lewd imagery.

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Development is reportedly around 50 percent complete for Catherine Full Body, with the new scenario and scenes developed by full-time staff. No release date for either Japan or the rest of the world has been announced, nor has a price either. The team at Atlus and Studio Zero were also surprised by Catherine's popularity at fighting game tournaments, which warrants the inclusion of the online battles. With any luck, we'll know more information here in a few days after the stream, but for now, PS4 and PS Vita owners have Catherine Full Body to look forward to sometime in the future.

Are you excited that Catherine is making a repeat appearance on current gen consoles? Did you miss it the first time around and want to pick it up? What do you think of new girl Rin?


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