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Published: August 19, 2016 8:08 PM /


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Announced originally back in 2013, Below was one of the first smaller games announced for the Xbox One. Much like Ori and the Blind Forest, it is an indie type title but published by Microsoft for Xbox One and PC.

Once announced for 2015, Below was delayed to Summer 2016 as they shared some more information about the game. However, they have announced now that Below won't be hitting the Summer 2016 release date, and they are opting to give no definitive release date at this time.


In their post on the matter, Capybara Games discusses doing a lot of soul searching, and that they wanted to get the game in people's hands, but they don't believe the game is up to their standards. They give an apology for another delay and say that they will be going dark for a while to work on finishing it without compromise. The next time they post a major Below update, they expect to have a firm release date for it.

Below is a roguelike adventure game that focuses on exploration and survival in procedurally generated environments that plays from a top-down perspective. Like other roguelikes it features permadeath; however, it features the ability to recover your equipment from your corpse. At its core Below attempts to bring the old roguelike genre to the modern world of rogue-lites and mixes it with some inspiration from Dark Souls as well.

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One of the most striking things about the game is its artstyle, which has a unique aesthetic that helped it stand out right from announcement and attract attention.

Below is being developed by Capybara Games and will come out for Xbox One and PC ... whenever it happens to release.

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What do you think of the large number of delays we're seeing of late? Do you think announcing your game years ahead of time has any value in the modern market? Are you interested in the game? Share your thoughts in the comments below

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