Capcom Launches Retro-Tastic Capcom Town Website For 40th Anniversary

Published: June 12, 2023 8:23 AM /


Many Capcom franchises represented as a cute, bustling town in the Capcom Town 40th anniversary website

Capcom has launched Capcom Town, a special website intended to celebrate the legendary studio's 40th anniversary. The site is a treasure trove of Capcom history, offering information about Capcom staff and games, as well as a selection of free retro Capcom games you can play.

The Capcom Town website is free to access and doesn't require a signup of any kind. As soon as you enter, you'll be greeted with a rather endearing and nostalgia-filled view of a town in which you can spot various Capcom franchise characters, including Resident Evil 3's Jill Valentine and Nemesis, Ace Attorney's Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey, and Darkstalkers' Morrigan, among many others.

By clicking around the site, you'll be able to access lots of interesting information about Capcom, including the process of its foundation, major business milestones for the company, and, of course, information about its biggest-selling titles, including Resident Evil and Monster Hunter. You'll also find external links to franchise landing portals for Devil May Cry and other big Capcom properties.

A shot of the retro games section of the new Capcom Town website
Capcom Town has a selection of retro games to enjoy.

As well as all of the above, Capcom Town also offers a selection of old-school Capcom games to check out, including Mega Man 1+2Street Fighter II, and Final Fight. These are the full games, too, not demos or previews, which is pretty nice. If you've got a few minutes spare and you've yet to enjoy these retro gems, do take a look at them.

This website launches as Capcom gets ready for its upcoming showcase, which airs later today as part of the current run of summer gaming presentations. According to Capcom, we'll be hearing from ExoprimalDragon's Dogma 2, and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective during the show. It's expected to run for around 36 minutes and will start at 3pm Pacific (that's 6pm Eastern). Stay tuned for more news from that showcase, as well as more info on all things Capcom.


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