Bravely Second's "Tomahawk" Class Replaced by "Hawkeye," Outfit Changed

Published: February 2, 2016 12:38 AM /


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It appears that some previously held rumors about Bravely Second's Tomahawk class are in fact true - the name of the class is being changed to "Hawkeye" and the costume now has a cowboy motif as opposed to a more Native American one. The details come from a reddit post made on the heels of Europe getting a demo of the game. The curious change was first noted when an image was found on a Spanish store for the game. Magnolia, the character whose starting class is the one in question, also has been given a Southern accent to go with the change.

It appears that many players are not particularly happy with the change. Many of these players have decried the move as censorship akin to recent controversies involving other high profile Nintendo titles. With the removal of a minigame found in the Japanese version as well as some of the support conversations being rewritten of Fire Emblem Fates still fresh in everyone's mind to go along with changes to Xenoblade Chronicles X which included the removal of certain character customization options, and a change to Lin's bikini to be less revealing, the change of costume will certainly come to dismay those hoping for an experience more akin to the Japanese version of the game.

The Tomahawk, now Hawkeye class specializes in attacks with ranged weapons. While the change to a cowboy motif isn't completely nonsensical in this context, one has to wonder if there was not a better way to go about this change, considering the case of Chief Thunder from Killer Instinct getting an appearance update (and having "Chief" removed from his name) in the series reboot that was made under consultation from a member of the tribe Thunder is supposed to belong to.

Square Enix and Nintendo have yet to make a comment regarding the change in class name and outfit.

What do you think? Is this censorship, a bow to political correctness, laziness, or a smart move by Square Enix and Nintendo? Let us know below!

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