Blue Reflection Gets New Trailer and Western Release Date

Published: July 11, 2017 5:54 PM /



Koei Tecmo America has released a slew of information about GUST’s upcoming release Blue Reflection including the first trailer for the game. The JRPG will be releasing in the West in September for PlayStation 4 and PC. The trailer shows some of the magical abilities players will get to use in the game as well as providing a glimpse into the mystical parallel dimension players will get to visit.

Originally released this March in Japan as a PlayStation exclusive under the title Blue Reflection: Sword of the Girl Who Dances in Illusion, now the game has a localization date. Set in modern day Japan, the game follows the journey of protagonist Hinako as she returns to normal school life only to discover a mysterious other dimension and newfound powers. Together with her friends and classmates Yuzu and Lime, she will fight evil with her new magical abilities in this original story from GUST.

The girls will have to visit a place called “The Common”. Created by the unconsciousness of the human collective, The Common is a dreamscape where people's problems materialize. Hinako, Yuzu, and Lime will need to find crystallized emotional fragments here in order to help their classmates deal with their real world struggles. Along their way they will explore unique locations and fight dangerous demons.

Blue Reflection
Hinako in Reflector form fighting a demon.

Wielding the magical “Reflector” power these girls help solve the problems at their high school however, there is a more dangerous threat they must face. Powerful creatures called Sephira threaten to not only harm the girls and their classmates but the entire world. Protecting their classmates and all of humanity Hinako, Yuzu and Lime must transform into their Reflector forms. The trailer indicates this transformation is done with a special ring which changes the character's outfit and appearance granting them powerful abilities. Drawing on their growing bonds with one another they will use these powers to fight the Sephira and keep everyone safe.

Blue Reflection will be released for PS4 and Windows PC via Steam on September 29, 2017, in the United States and Europe. You can follow Koei Tecmo America on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date with news on the game.


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