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Crowdfunded games present challenges that other titles don't have, like when you do industry events many backers are wanting to see what will be showed off for the game without necessarily having the context of guidance or it being very early. There are a few different ways that it has been handled, but Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night appears to be taking the view of making the demo available to backers who are at the Beta Access level and higher.

One of the most successful gaming Kickstarter's of all time, Bloodstained is a spiritual successor to the Igavania games created by none other than the man himself Koji Igarashi. In the game, you play as Mirriam a scarred orphan as you traverse a castle in an exploration focused 2.5d action platformer built in the style of the Castlevania games. The game has been receiving updates, and included in their most recent post was a short video showing off some new development in Bloodstained to a kickass soundtrack:

The demo stage will feature three enemies, two of which are full fledged demons that will drop "shards" for the player to collect. The level is a galleon called Minerva and is on its way to the castle that you spend most of the game in. The backer version will only be on Steam but will be available to all who backed at $60 or more and be the same build that is being shown at E3 2016. The phrasing in the post indicates that all, not just PC backers at the $60 level will get a copy of the demo, which is different than how they talk about the future beta. Do note you need to fill out the backer survey by June 13 to get the demo.

Bloodstained ship

If you haven't backed BloodstainedRitual of the Night and want to, you still can via the slacker backer portal and it will get you access to this demo when it launches during or shortly after E3. You do have to do so by June 13 to fill out the survey for them to distribute to you. The $60 tiers get you either what is essentially a digital deluxe version or a physical copy of the game.

Bloodstained cargo hold

Quick Take

I haven't backed Bloodstained but have been keeping an eye on it, and it appears to be coming along really well. It's nice to see them sending the demo out to backers—something that wasn't required and takes extra time and effort to do. It's the sort of thing that helps build trust in a community for the development of the game and is pretty cool.

What do you think of Bloodstained's demo going to backers? Did you back it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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