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Blackguards 2

Are you looking forward to another Dark Eye RPG with difficult, strategic battles and solid writing? If so, then Daedalic Entertainment is happy to oblige with Blackguards 2!

Daedalic is best known for its work with adventure games both as a creator and a publisher. It has developed things such as its Dark Eye games (Chains of Sartinav and Memoria), and the Deponia series there. For publishing they’ve helped indies and smaller companies out in adventures such as Telltale Games back in their Sam & Max days, and more recently published Randal’s Monday. Beginning in 2013, Daedalic took a move that surprised many – developing a fullblown RPG in Blackguards that has been quite successful.

Blackguards was released through early access, and is one of the success stories of that model, with Daedalic listening and sorting through feedback. To many people’s surprise, Blackguards was exceptional in its combat and difficulty in that area – one that many wondered after doing adventure games for a long time they could do. They have also taken to publishing (or helping with distribution in one case) of RPGs over the last few years, publishing Torchlight II, and providing the physical distribution for Divinity: Original Sin.

With the success of the first, it’s not surprising that a sequel was greenlit almost immediately at Daedalic where they have been quietly working on it without much news at all. Unlike other Publishers this hasn’t been bombastic presentations and speeches everywhere you look, though Daedalic is smaller than the biggest ones.

Blackguards 2 will take place several years after the first game when the protagonist of the first game, whose canonical name is Cassia, decides to get the old crew together. During this time the Dwarf Naurim has become fat on his fame and retired from fighting, Zurbaran was recaptured and sold back to the slave market for a single copper, and Takate has had issues finding meaning to life in the wake of defeating the Nine Hordes.

Join them on their journe as Cassia seeks to rule from the Shark Throne – even if for a day. Why has this become Cassia’s burning goal and drive? Who have the Blackguards become in the few years since? What new wonders and people will they meet?

You’ll be able to find out on January 20th 2015 when it is released. You can pre-order at Humble Store for $29.99.

Here’s a trailer though to keep you happy in the meantime:

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