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Published: February 20, 2016 11:41 AM /


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Compile Heart has released new information about their upcoming RPG Black Rose Valkyrie. Details about the story were published in Weekly Famitsu No. 1418 as well as on the game’s official website. It was previously announced that the game would  have a nearly all female cast with an important betrayal mechanic. Now more detailed information about the story is available.

The game has a retro military aesthetic and is set in an alternate history of the world. It all begins in 1929 when a meteor called “Black Garnet” falls to earth and causes a global phenomena. The meteorite carried a virus known as the “Chimera Virus” that began turning people all around the world into “Chimera”.

Chimera are those infected with the virus. The disease alters a human or animal’s gene’s turning them into a monster. While the virus remains mostly a mystery it is known that it imbues its victims with enhanced intelligence and can be transferred to others if an infected Chimera wounds another.

In response to this epidemic Japan began a policy of “national isolation”. The Japanese government also formed a secret military agency called ACID (Anti Chimera Intercept Division) to control the Chimera population already within their borders. In time a special task force was born out of ACID to better deal with the Chimera threat, the Valkyrie.

Valkyrie is not only the name of the special force tasked with controlling the Chimera problem but also the name of powerful weapons capable of destroying Chimera. In order to wield these anti-Chimera weapons, soldiers must undergo special conditioning that includes a risky medicine. The medicine gives soldiers the strength and ability to use these unique weapons but it also may damage their organs and cause their mind and personality to be dangerously altered.

Black Rose Valkyrie will be released in Japan later this year on PS4. Visit the game’s website for more information.

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