Big Adventure Event on Steam Has Nearly 30 Unreleased Game Demos

The Big Adventure Event is here on Steam with around 85 different games being focused on

Published: January 21, 2021 1:00 PM /


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The Big Adventure Event is starting today, as the latest example of the hottest trend on Steam - special events with demos for current and upcoming games. Helped put together by publisher Hitcents, this event will feature a variety of adventure games, from your point and click adventures, to exploratory narrative ones, and all sorts of others.

Set to run between January 21st and January 25th, around 85 games will be taking part in the Big Adventure Event, with developer livestreams available for players to ask questions about the game. There will be 40 demos, some of them only available at this event, and nearly 30 of them will be of unreleased games. So if you're interested in what some interesting indie games could be over the next year, the Big Adventure Event offers you an opportunity to sample it beforehand. For those games that are already out, you can also expect to see a number of discounts available to further incentivize you to purchase during the event.

If you're wondering why Hitcents is focusing on adventure games with this event, studio head Jordan Taylor answered that question for us:

"Genre-focused events are an easy sell for those who are already fans of the genre. They know what adventure games are, they enjoy them and they’re happy to learn about more of them; ideally, that translates to hidden or overlooked indie titles getting their moment in the sun.

However, in making The Big Adventure Event, I’ve tried positioning the event in such a way as not to be a turn-off to those who aren’t innate fans of “adventure games” in the classical sense.

We wanted to expand our message into something more unique: this is a celebration of one of gaming’s oldest genres, but it’s a showcase of modern games that have significantly evolved beyond what point and clicks used to be. With the level that indie games consistently challenging the boundaries of gaming, judging a title just by its genre alone is outdated and cuts you off from some really fun experiences."

What Unreleased Game Demos are at the Big Adventure Event?

If you're wondering what unreleased games you can play are during the event, we have some help with a list of the various games that have not been released. This is in addition to a number of already released games that will also have demos or prologues at the event for players to try out. Alphabetically, here is the list:

What games are you interested in trying during the Big Adventure Event? Are these events starting to become old hat for you now? Let us know in the comments below!

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