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Bethesda E3 2015 - Battlecry

June 14, 2015 11:55 PM

By: Francis Kelly


Update: an enterprising citizen has uploaded the E3 trailer itself:




Between Gearbox title Battleborn and just-announced title Battlecry, 2015 may well be remembered as the year that arena shooters manhandled the field in much the same way as a Halo or Call of Duty 4.  Bethesda's effort, however, is looking a little tepid.  Coming off the heels of a ten-minute-plus presentation on Doom (yes, that's what the new Doom is called), the gameplay trailer for Battlecry was less than a teaser.  A new faction, the Han Empire of China, was announced, and five previously announced classes of fighter were recapped:

  • Brawler, a self-explanatory class
  • Enforcer, a class not very distinguishable from brawler
  • Infiltrator, a backstabber
  • Ranger, a Drow Ranger-looking class (what did you expect?)
  • Gadgeteer, the engineer of the roster
Battlecry seemed to have been calibrated to a faster, twitchier pace than its competitors.  It is in open beta now, and scheduled for a 2015 release on PC in an unspecified month.

Here's a look at the trailer from last year, in case you missed it:


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