Bethesda Announces New Fallout Game, Fallout 76

05/30/2018 - 11:08 | By: Don Parsons

After 24 hours of a live stream that featured nothing but a Please Stand By, a vault-boy figurine, a watch and occasional Bethesda employees appearing or putting random things on screen (like balloons, or cupcakes) capturing an audience that was over two million unique visitors, Bethesda has announced the newest addition to the Fallout line up.

The announcement proper began with Todd appearing and thanking folks for tuning in and showing off a teaser of their next game - Fallout 76. The teaser showed one of the vaults, giving a narration some about being a place to survive the nuclear fallout. The 76 in the name refers to the name of the vault itself, Vault 76.

Previously established in Fallout lore, Vault 76 is one of seventeen control vaults and had five hundred occupants. It was set to be opened 20 years after a nuclear war as a healthy popular there to compare the experimental vaults too. Since then it has been referred to in the Fallout 3 Mothership Zeta DLC in alien captive record logs (number 13). Fallout 4 mentioned it in the prologue segment as debuting in 2076 in honor of America's tercentenary.


As for what the game is, there were no details about that forthcoming. However, on Twitter, Kotaku reporter Jason Schreier shared that he had heard that Fallout 76 is an online game of some sort developed by Bethesda Game Studios in Maryland and Austin (who were formerly on Battlecry).

More is to be expected at the Bethesda E3 press conference and stay tuned to TechRaptor for all your E3 coverage!

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