Battleborn Tap Launched by 2K Games

Published: May 4, 2016 9:51 PM /


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Battleborn companion game Battleborn Tap has been launched on Android and iOS devices by developer 2k Games. The mobile game is set in the same universe and features the PC and Console game's cast of characters that can be recruited and leveled to fight on the player's behalf. The Battleborn Tap model should be familiar to fans of idle games like Tap Titans or Clicker Heroes, where heroes are recruited to farm automatically over time while player interaction functions as a separate, additional layer of manual damage.

In addition to recruiting and leveling characters, players can also gear their army and collect loot from defeated foes to unlock new skills. While companion mobile games have come under fan fire in the past - such as Mass Effect 3's side games which could affect the game's ending - Battleborn Tap does not seem to affect the main game. Linking Battleborn games through a SHiFT account, however, can unlock some additional, optional goodies, among which is an exclusive Gold Orendi Skin that can be used in console and PC versions.

In Battleborn Tap, defeated enemies drop Shards that can be used to power heroes, with “Credits” functioning as a second, premium form of currency gained by spending money and earning achievements. This premium currency is used to purchase loot packs from the game's store, with Rare and Epic Packs hidden behind the cash shop model, though free Standard Packs are given to players over time for free. Credits are also used to immediately revive heroes that are killed during a battle, otherwise left inert for an extended period of time until they are automatically resurrected.

Players interested in linking their Battleborn games through a SHiFT account can follow the steps outlined on the announcement page. While mobile games aren't for everyone, Battleborn Tap's idle nature should allow even the most casual mobile gamer the chance to earn plenty of goodies for the main game without dedicating more time than they're willing to the mobile app.

Are you planning on playing Battleborn Tap? Will there be a crossover with Evolve: Hunters Quest at some point? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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