Bandai Namco's Mecha Game Synduality Gets Title "Echo of Ada;" Anime Trailer & Details Revealed

Remember Bandai Namco's new mecha IP Synduality? The game for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC now has the official title Synduality: Echo of Ada and new details have been shared including a trailer of the anime that will air worldwide on Disney PlusūüĎÄ

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Synduality - Noir from the Anime

Today, during AnimeJapan 2023, Bandai Namco shared new details about its Synduality mixed media project that will include a game and an anime series.

We learn that the game, which was introduced at Tokyo Game Show 2022 simply as Synduality, now has an official title, Synduality: Echo of Ada. Both the game and the anime's titles include the name of the "Magus" character who plays a key role in the story. 

We also get the key artwork of the game with the official title. It's a mecha third-person shooter coming in 2023 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. 

Synduality Echo of Ada

It's set in a different timeframe in the Synduality world compared to the anime and the player plays the role of a "Drifter" collecting a resource named "AO Crystals" which can only be found in dangerous planetary environments. The goal is to recover the resources and supplies and return safely while completing a variety of missions. The drifter pilots mecha named "Cradle Coffins" with the support of a "Magus."

On the game's vast map, you'll fight against creatures named "Enders" that are hostile to humans. You may also encounter other players hunting for AO Crystals in the online environment creating heated PvPvE gameplay where enemies and other players act at the same time. 

The game is set in the future as poisonous blue rain named "Bluecyst" has devastated Earth in 2099. Commonly called "Tears of the Blue Moon," it has wiped out 92% of the population. The rest now lives underground in a city-stated named "Amasia."

In 2022, Amasia, which has become self-sustaining and is enjoying a period of prosperity, collapsed overnight due to a mysterious incident. Some time has passed after that, and the player is now seeking resources on their Cradle Coffin with their Magus watching their back.

In case you missed it, you can check out the reveal trailer from Tokyo Game Show.

Speaking of the anime, it'll also include the name of the Magus in the title and it'll be named Synduality Noir. It'll broadcast in July 2023 and will be distributed worldwide (excluding Japan and China) on Disney+. 

It's set in 2242 and various settlements named "Nests" have been created above ground. The Enders are still a threat and the Drifters are still fighting against them while hunting for AO Crystals, which are indispensable to the survival of the Nests. 

One day, Kanata (voiced by Takeo Otsuka), a young man who dreams to become a drifter in the nest called Rocktown, visits ancient ruins with his buddy Tokio (Yusuke Kobayashi) and finds the dormant Magus Noir (Aoi Koga) sleeping there. That's when destiny starts to unfold. 

The theme song is "Raytracer" performed by Japanese artist Stereo Dive Foundation and you can hear a sample in the trailer below.

We also take a look at the official poster for the anime.

Synduality Noir Poster

Yet, that's not all, as Bandai Namco is going all out with this one. A series of models is coming starting with Kanata's Cradle Coffin "Daisyogre," releasing in July 2023 within Bandai's HG series. 

Synduality Daisyogre HG model

Noir's figure from the Figure-rise Standard brand and the Cradle Coffin "Gilbous" HG model piloted by the mysterious "Black Mask" are coming in August 2023. A Daisyogre figure is also coming from SH Figuarts. Synsuality Noir figure

Synduality HG Gilbow Model

Bandai Namco has been pushing the creation of new IPs very hard as of late, including projects featuring games and anime like this one. A recent example is Scarlet Nexus.

It'll be interesting to see if Synduality will be the breakthrough that the company is seeking. It certainly looks promising. 

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