Arise, Servants -- Fate/Extella Link Launches on March 19th

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XSEED, the publishing branch of Marvelous, announced today that Fate/Extella Link will launch in North America on March 19th for consoles and PCs. The action game is coming to Steam, PS4, the Switch, and the Vita, surprisingly. The PS4, PC and Switch versions will retail at $49.99, with the Vita version launching at $39.99. Additionally, every platform carries a digital deluxe edition that adds $10 onto the retail price and comes with a set of costumes and some of the soundtrack. Fate/Extella Link can be picked up on the platform of your choosing on March 19th.

Set in wake of a ruined Earth, humanity has retreated to a realm controlled by SE.RA.PH, a supercomputer on the moon. When their virtual refuge comes under attack from an unknown force, figures from Earth's forgotten history and myths are called upon once more in order to stem the tides of evil. Whether famous generals and warriors or characters from legend, they must now battle one another and hundreds of rogue programs in the defense of humanity.

Even with the aforementioned Digital Deluxe editions, developer Marvelous has a veritable buffet of DLC costumes, themes and more. For the complete breakdown of DLC and pre-order exclusives by version and platform, look no further than the logic puzzle below:

fate extella link dlc chart
Japan seems to be taking some lessons from Ubisoft and EA...

As a sequel to the earlier Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star, Fate/Extella Link expands the roster of servants from 16 to 26, as well as offering new four-on-four multiplayer battle modes. Much of the criticism directed at the earlier Fate/Extella stemmed from a lack of variety in mission design or content, common in musou games. With the additional characters and new modes, it would seem as though Marvelous is addressing issues from earlier outings. With mid-March just around the corner, we'll get to play as our favorite Servants before long.

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