ArcheAge 2 Will Be On PC and Console, Kakao Announces

Published: November 17, 2022 10:04 AM /


The ArcheAge 2 logo on a dark brown screen.

Are you ready for a new MMORPG? ArcheAge 2, the sequel to the vast open-world MMORPG ArcheAge, has just been confirmed to be coming to both PC and consoles in 2024. There are over 100 developers currently working on the game, and they're trying to create a game with both great action and AAA-tier storytelling, which is no mean feat for any game, let alone one that balances the demands of a MMORPG. Considering the slim pickings that we've had to deal with in recent years, with some older titles shutting downArcheAge 2 has a lot of room to spread its wings over a genre whose fans have been starving for content.

The first game itself was a pretty big hit, with over 20 million registered users across North America, Europe, Japan, and China since its original 2013 release. While that isn't to say that ArcheAge 2 will reach the same heights as its predecessor, it does mean that there are plenty of potentially interested players to initially draw from, which is promising.

ArcheAge 2 screenshot shows two characters, with one riding a horse.
ArcheAge 2 will be much prettier than then first game.

In a recently released interview, it was announced that the game will offer non-linear progression "based on a seamless open-world experience". To elaborate, the first game followed a narrative storyline while the sequel will be more focused around personal adventures and stories. You'll be discovering and solving mysteries relating to an ancient civilization that have been forgotten for thousands of years, which sounds pretty exciting for fans who are interested in the series' lore.

Trade runs, a big feature from the first game, will now be completable alone, in teams, or in raids, which should come as a big relief for some fans. The housing feature will also be improved, with more customizations made available. You'll also be allowed to live in a town with a friend or by create one with your guild members.

Want to see the ArcheAge 2 teaser trailer and interview for yourself? Check it out below!


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