Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Comes To 3DS This November

Published: August 13, 2017 2:45 PM /


Apollo Justice Ace Attorney Header

Capcom has announced that Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is coming to the Nintendo 3DS. With this news, all of the main Ace Attorney titles can soon be played on the Nintendo 3DS with Apollo Justice 3DS being the last one to join the line.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney has had a long road back to the limelight. Originally released in 2008, fans of the Ace Attorney series have been begging Capcom to re-release Apollo Justice for many years now, a request that has now finally been granted by the powers that be.

This November, fans will be able to play the title and experience Apollo's early days as an attorney in "upgraded 3D graphics". Such features also include dusting 'some' crime scenes for fingerprints and examining some objects in a full 360 degrees to uncover hidden evidence. Utilizing those investigation techniques and Apollo's bracelet - which gives him the ability to tell when witnesses are lying - players will be able to solve cases that include the theft of a noodle cart and the disappearance of a pair of magical panties.

Apollo Justice also includes the Japanese version of the game, which means that players will be able to switch from the English version to the Japanese version of the title. Capcom notes that this feature is more than just flicking a switch and changing one language to another, as some differences in the background signs and art exist between the Japanese and English versions of the game.

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Capcom has also announced that there will also be text skip options that will be available from the start of the game, which will most likely be a very welcome addition for returning players.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney will be released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop for $19.99 or your regional equivalent this November.

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