The Apocalypse is Postponed -- Zanki Zero Slightly Delayed

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The Apocalypse is Postponed -- Zanki Zero Slightly Delayed

February 15, 2019

By: Kyle Johnson


Per a press release from Spike Chunsoft, dungeon crawler Zanki Zero: Last Beginning has been delayed a couple of weeks, until April 9th. This was to "allow for improvements to provide the best possible gameplay experience." Spike Chunsoft also announced that pre-orders of the PC version and copies of the "Day 1" edition for the PS4 will come with a "Survival Soundtrack." With only a meager delay, the English-speaking world will get their hands on Zanki Zero: Last Beginning on April 9th, 2019.

Drawing in the designers behind the Danganronpa series and developers of the Etrian Odyssey dungeon crawlers, Zanki Zero hopes to offer a fresh take on the genre by blending survival elements with the dungeon-crawling aspects. With the world in ruins and underneath endless water, what remnants remain are left to drift across the oceans. Zanki Zero is set on an island of debris, inhabited by monsters and eight survivors: seven deadly sins, and one original sin. With eight unique perspectives to choose from, you're forced to fight monsters, collect resources and uncover secrets about the characters and the apocalypse itself as you grow up, age, and die all within 13 days.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning scored decently well in Japan, especially when considering the pedigree of the designers and developers. Despite the Danganronpa legacy of Yoshinori Terasawa and Takayuki Sugawara, Zanki Zero is a less dark outing than their previous works. Additionally, this is the first unique property the pair have worked on in over two years. Although it released for the Vita and the PS4 out East, the English version is coming to PC and PS4 instead. With mysteries abounding everywhere in the wake of the end of the world, we'll get our chance to unlock Zanki Zero: Last Beginning's secrets just a little later than expected, on April 9th.

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