Alex Poysky And MadSushi Games Announce Life Sim Alchemy Garden

Published: July 8, 2019 12:30 PM /


alchemy garden

Gamesplanet's Alex Poysky, the producer of Meeple Station, has announced his latest publishing endeavor. Alchemy Garden is a life sim created by Catalonia-based developer MadSushi Games.

Poysky and MadSushi describe Alchemy Garden as "a housing, gardening, alchemy, and shopkeeping simulator all bundled into one". It's a charming-looking sandbox game in which you'll explore, find new recipes, and discover components. There's a village surrounding your little alchemy haven, and you can sell what you make to the villagers for a profit. MadSushi says it hopes the publishing deal with Poysky and Gamesplanet will result in the best possible version of the game. You can check out the Early Access trailer for Alchemy Garden below:


Gameplay-wise, Alchemy Garden mixes exploration, crafting, and shopkeeping sim elements. The core gameplay loop involves finding ingredients, crafting alchemy recipes with them, then selling what you've made to villagers. To find ingredients, you'll need to explore the biomes surrounding your garden. You can then combine these ingredients and try out several combinations to see what you end up with. The gold you get from selling your stuff can be used to buy seed bags, extra tools, and furniture for your home. Looks like one to watch for the Slime Rancher crowd.

Alchemy Garden will launch via Early Access soon. We don't yet have a concrete release date for the game. The official Steam page simply lists Alchemy Garden as "coming soon". MadSushi says the game will be in Early Access for around a year. The dev is planning to add more content and improve the main mechanics as development goes on, hence Early Access. There's also a Discord server should you play the game and want to offer your opinions on how it can improve. We'll let you know when we've got a definite release window.

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