Alchemy Garden Brings Potions To Steam Early Access This Week

Published: October 16, 2019 11:29 AM /


A screenshot of the main village.

Today, Metaboli Publishing announced that their flagship title Alchemy Garden, a game where players run a alchemy lab in a medieval village, would be released on Steam's Early Access October 18. 

Announced earlier this year, Alchemy Garden will allow players to craft, explore, and garden as they get their alchemy shop up and running. It is a sandbox that forces players to utilize the world around them in order to find the things that they need in order to produce their potions. Once done, the potions will be sold to adventurers and local townspeople, with the money being used for decorations and further improvements to the alchemy lab.

The game is being developed by MadShushi games, a single developer by the name of Rúben Izquierdo, who unsurprisingly is from Spain. The title has been under development for the past two and a half years, with Izquierdo quitting his job to develop the game full-time in July 2019, and it began as a small game jam project.

The game itself will allow players to decorate their gardens with trees, flowers, grass, among other things. For the garden's maintenance, it can be watered, plowed, and sown with seeds, and eventually, players will be able to use the plants that they grow for their potions.

However, while a garden is useful, not all of the plants and ingredients can be found locally. Players will have to head into the wild to find both exotic or common ingredients to conduct their experiments. There will be multiple biomes for players to explore, as well as hidden areas that can be discovered.

Once the plants and materials are gathered, players will then experiment with plants to find out what makes them tick, combining them with things such as wood or coal to find new formulas and potions. Once done, they will then be sold in their store to locals and adventurers alike. The game has been described as sort of Stardew Valley meets Shoppe Keep with some other ideas tossed in.

Alchemy Garden will release on Steam's Early Access on October 18. There's also a free demo you can check out on Steam.

What do you think of this news? Are you interested in becoming an alchemist? Let us know in the comments!


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