11 Bit Studios Announces Dieselpunk Shooter Tower 57

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11 Bit Studios Announces Dieselpunk Shooter Tower 57

August 15, 2016

By: Don Parsons


Another indie studio has entered the publishing arena, with 11 bit studios announcing they are publishing Pixwerk's Tower 57, a twin stick dieselpunk shooter releasing next year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux), and ... Amiga? 


In Tower 57 you control one of seven sent to infiltrate the titular Tower 57. Each of the seven characters has their own skills and series of weapons that they can use, creating a wide variety of options for types of play. In the central area you have a main hub that has quests, storyline elements, NPCs, and stores that sell more. From there you go into the Tower, and PvE arcade style action takes over as you deal with enemies, traps, and puzzles either on your own, or with a friend.



Speaking of a friend, Tower 57 supports both local co-op and online co-op. The inclusion of online co-op runs against a recent trend in smaller indie-styled projects having only local multiplayer and should allow for a lot more co-op than it would otherwise.


Tower 57's art style is one of the more striking things about it on first glance, as it is some of the higher quality pixel art that you'll see. This is clearly a case where the developer made the choice for artistic reasons, and not the "anyone can cobble together pixel  art" situation that has hurt the reputation of the style in some circles. Additionally, the environment in Tower 57 is highly destructible with things like furniture, statues, lighting and more being possible to blow up in game play.

Boss Battles appear to be alive and well in Tower 57
Boss Battles appear to be alive and well in Tower 57

Oh, and as for that Amiga thing. No, it's not a joke, or at least not my joke, but instead it appears that the developers are, to quote their website, doing a "modern take on what made AMIGA games so great back in the days."

Tower 57 is going to be released in 2017 and has an expected price point of $14.99.

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