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The Steam Summer Sale 2019 is upon us, and now is one of the best times of the year to buy some games! I asked the TechRaptor Staff to submit their Steam Summer Sale 2019 hidden gems with a specific focus on games that need a little bit of love. I received some surprising responses from my colleagues, and now they're here for you to see in our picks for the Steam Summer Sale 2019 hidden gems!

Whether you're looking to spend five bucks or you've got a little more money to burn, our list of Steam Summer Sale 2019 hidden gems has a fine selection of games here that are well worth checking out. There's sure to be something you'll enjoy!

steam summer sale 2019 hidden gems the age of decadence

Don Parsons

The Age of Decadence ($3.74, 75% off)

Few RPGs really put choice solely in the player's hands, but The Age of Decadence uncompromisingly commits to the idea of choice and consequences as well as a difficult world to create a unique and highly replayable experience. Just don't expect to be able to do everything in one run.

Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption ($14.99, 25% off)

Not many games have really managed to capture the idea of the school of adventure—a school where people learn skills and go on adventures throughout the school. Learn new things, meet odd ghosts, find hidden passages, and solve ancient mysteries in this spiritual successor to Quest for Glory.

Battle Chef Brigade ($11.99, 40% off)

It's a rare game where everything comes together like a nearly perfect dish—a touching story, great visuals, excellent mechanics, and plenty to experiment with. The only thing I wish, even with the new deluxe content, that there was more because I love this game.

steam summer sale 2019 hidden gems freedom planet

Robert Scarpinito

Freedom Planet ($7.49, 50% off)

Sonic the Hedgehog fans have been waiting for this for decades, and they just didn’t know it. The aesthetic hearkens back to the old days on the Sega Genesis, and the finely tuned platforming is sure to satisfy anyone waiting for a good Sonic game.

Ziggurat ($3.74, 75% off)

There aren't too many roguelites that merge wizardry with first-person shooter mechanics, but Ziggurat nails it. With various characters and crazy spells, every run is different. Even if 99% of your runs end in death, you'll have fun along the way.

20XX ($7.49, 50% off)

For the longest time, being a Mega Man fan only led to mighty disappointment. 20XX alleviates that feeling by melding Mega Man mechanics with roguelite elements. Sure, it doesn't quite feel exactly the same, but it sure does beat the Kickstarter that shall not be named.

steam summer sale 2019 hidden gems code 7

Samuel Guglielmo

Code 7: A Story-Driven Hacking Adventure ($2.99, 50% off)

I was going to use this spot to tell you about Final Fantasy XIII, one of my personal favorite Final Fantasy games and a fantastic game, but I was told no, I instead needed to tell you about a lesser-known game. So now you learn about Code 7, an actually supremely awesome episodic text adventure hacking game that twists the genre in ways I never could have expected and absolutely love. I played it for five hours straight and didn't even notice. It's awesome.

The Metronomicon: Slay The Dance Floor ($3.99, 80% off)

In this spot you were supposed to learn about Final Fantasy XIII-2 and how it's basically just a better Chrono Trigger. But I have been foiled again. So now you learn about The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor, a wild mashup of rhythm games and RPG elements. You dance your way into monster parties, defeat enemies to a killer 50-song soundtrack, then do a little jig towards town to raise your stats. It's one hell of a toe-tapping adventure.

Moss ($19.79, 34% off)

Originally the plan was to complete the trifecta with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. But no, it is not to be, despite how clever it was. So now I talk about Moss, a VR action-adventure game that is still one of the best VR games in existence. You get to play as Quill, a totally adorable mouse that is the closest I've ever seen a game come to an actual living character. More importantly, you can give her pets.

steam summer sale 2019 hidden gems neverliria

Robert N. Adams

Neverliria ($2.03, 66% off)

In a dark and spooky forest, a young, red-headed girl wakes up next to a monument with a torch. Dark shadows linger at the edges of the light—the only thing that protects you from evil. Build a camp, explore a fantastic world, and defeat the darkness in one of my favorite Steam Summer Sale 2019 hidden gems!

Hakoniwa Explorer Plus ($6.99, 30% off)

Hakoniwa Explorer Plus is an isometric ARPG that has you fighting all sorts of strange and lewd monsters in a world filled with fast-paced action, hilarity, and tons of great music. It's surprisingly addictive!

Unholy Heights ($2.79, 30% off)

Take on the role of the devil as he... opens an apartment building? The Lord of Hell has fallen on rough times and has decided to start renting out a building to monsters. Heroes will come and try to stop you, so get the best tenants you can to fight off the good guys!

steam summer sale 2019 hidden gems the blackwell legacy

Courtney Ehrenhofler

The Blackwell Legacy / Blackwell Bundle ($7.84, 78% off)

Do you like ghosts? How about New York? Touching stories with supernatural mysteries at their core? Check out Wadjet Eye Games’ haunting point-and-click adventure series. Follow the adventures of spirit medium Rosa and her ghost guide Joey through the story of their partnership and what it means for the fate of the world.

Aviary Attorney ($3.74, 75% off)

For those of you who like Phoenix Wright but think he’s too mainstream, try playing as 19th-century French bird lawyers in Aviary Attorney. From developer and publisher Sketchy Logic, this game follows the adventures of attorney Jayjay Falcon and Sparrowson, his apprentice.

Finding Teddy ($1.39, 80% off)

Do you want to help a little girl find her teddy bear after it was stolen by a giant spider? Of course you do, you’re not a monster.

steam summer sale 2019 hidden gems stacking

Austin Suther

Stacking ($1.49, 85% off)

While you may have heard of Double Fine, Stacking is one of their lesser-known titles. You play as a small nesting doll that can stack into other, larger dolls and gain their unique powers to solve puzzles and more. This adventure title has a quirky sense of humor and that Double Fine style you know and love.

Halfway ($5.19, 60% off)

Halfway is a Chucklefish-published title with beautiful pixelated visuals and a jamming sci-fi soundtrack. Combat in Halfway is like a 2D XCOM, featuring characters with specialized skills and various weapons. You’ll come for combat but stay for its engaging sci-fi story and individualized characters.

The Mooseman ($1.74, 75% off)

The Mooseman combines history and mythology into one. This solitary experience has you journey across forests and mountains, while experiencing a mythical world straight from finno-ugric culture. The Mooseman is a brief experience, but for less than $2, you really shouldn’t pass it up.

Welp, that's it for our list of Steam Summer Sale 2019 Hidden Gems! There are plenty of great deals on AAA games and smash indie hits with millions of sales, but there are also thousands more amazing games on Steam that people just don't know about. Hopefully, you've found something here that you'll love just as much as we do.

What are your favorite Steam Summer Sale 2019 Hidden Gems? Did you discover anything interesting from our list or while browsing the store? Let us know in the comments below!

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