Is Super Mario Bros. Wonder Enough? - Low Poly 003

Published: June 30, 2023 5:00 PM /


Old 3D Mario render from NEW series next to Mario Wonder render. Text reads "Soulless"

At Nintendo's latest Direct they answered many questions the fandom held about what to expect from the future of the Nintendo Switch, including what's in store for the future of Super Mario. After the success of the Super Mario Bros. Movie earlier this year, many fans wondered if we would get a new mainline game starring our favorite plumber on Switch.

After nearly 20 years with the default Mario art style being the one from the "New" Super Mario Bros. series, many fans have voiced their distaste for what was once a novel approach to 2D Mario. After 5 entries plus 3 versions of Mario Maker with the "New" art as its front facing identity, it's begun getting hate despite the quality of the games themselves.

So, you would expect that 2D Mario returning alongside a never before seen look would have these folks celebrating, right? Well some are, myself included, but plenty of others have marked this new style to damnation just as thoroughly as they have the outdated "New" artstyle.

Today, we run through why this controversy may have arisen, what gives a game style, or in this case the ever elusive characteristics of sauce.

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