YOLKED- The Egg Game

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HardBoiled Studios
Release Date
October 28, 2021 (Calendar)
Indie, Platformer
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Get ready for the great Egg-scape with YOLKED- The Egg Game, a quirky platformer by indie developer Hardboiled Studios!

YOLKED is simple, you need to jump and climb through multiple obstacles without getting cracked in the process. This is a physics-based platformer, so every move you do needs to be careful, or else your guts will literally spill if your eggshell cracks. Featuring tons of quirky levels, from kitchens to attics to even the backyard, avoid all hazards and stay whole, and maybe even unlock some friends along the way.

Featuring a ton of unlockables and plenty of challenges, YOLKED - The Egg Game is a fun ride for anyone looking for something unserious to play. YOLKED- The Egg Game is available for the PC. 

Developer Quote

Follow the EGG-scruciating escape of an egg with arms!
Avoid enemies and overcome obstacles!
Collect all the costumes!
Watch out for the attic . . . Most importantly, don't crack!

The Great EGG-Scape
YOLKED is a kinetic, physics-based platforming romp where you take control of an anthropomorphic egg as it emancipates itself from one perilous predicament to the next! Climb, mantle, & swing past all sorts of environmental hazards & dastardly dangers as your fellow eggs cheer you on!

What to EGG-spect
* Fling yourself to freedom across three danger-filled stages! (Kitchen, Attic, & The Backyard!)
* Traverse multiple routes for optimal times!
* Unlock a multitude of costumes for an egg-cellent fit!