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CD Projekt Red
CD Projekt
PC, Android, IOS
Release Date
November 27, 2014 (Calendar)
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Enter the world of The Witcher through a more casual board game experience with The Witcher Adventure Game.

Play as Geralt, Triss, Dandelion or Yarpen, and hunt and kill 30 different monsters.  Each character has unique skills and multiple ways of overcoming obstacles, from strength to magic to charm and diplomacy. Which path will you take to achieve victory? 

Featuring over 288 different cards, unique gameplay styles depending on your character, and simple to understand rules to get into the action as quickly as possible. 

Based on The Witcher Adventure board game of the same name, the virtual version is available on PC, iOS and Android. 

Developer Quote

Simple, easy to understand rules, and intuitive gameplay mechanics
4 unique heroes with different skills and approaches to problem solving
Over 288 cards to discover and 30 monsters to deal with
Art design taken straight from the critically acclaimed Witcher series of video games
Different gameplay modes: play against AI or your friends, with options for both online multiplayer and hot seat
Achievement and leaderboard support