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Lavaboots Studios
Lavaboots Studios
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Wild West and Wizards is exactly what it says on the tin: a game about wizards set in the Wild West.

Well, it's just a little more complex than that. You can pick one of the multiple classes with various magical abilities and head out into a fantastical Western world that has just as many fire mages as it does gunslingers. Explore a large open world in search of fame, fortune, and power as you try to become the fastest gun — or the swiftest spellslinger — in all of the West!

From the Wild West and Wizards website:

Developer Quote

Wild West and Wizards is an upcoming open-world RPG set in the new frontier about exploration and adventure. explore the wild west with guns, magic, or both. Face off against bandit gangs, go on epic quests, solve puzzles, discover towns and settlements, level up your character, earn new loot and abilities, and discover mysterious places scattered across the desert. Wild West and Wizards is currently in development for PC.

Cast Your Spells

One of the features that makes wild west and wizards unique is the ability to learn and use various spells in a western setting. equip a revolver in one hand and a fire spell in the other. Cast a healing spell or give yourself a buff before battle. The choice is yours.

Explore the World

Explore the forest, plains, or desert in a vast open world. Find cabins, bandit camps, caves, and other places to discover. The freedom is yours to go any direction you want and play at your own pace.

Level Up

Fight Bandit gangs, Earn experience and level up your character to unlock talents and abilities for your class.

Discover Secrets

Spread across the world are various mysterious and secret places filled with dangerous enemies, and of course, epic loot.

Visit Settlements

Discover towns and settlements filled with people, quests, and unique items to buy.