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Ultaan Games
Ultaan Games
Release Date
January 19, 2021 (Calendar)
Strategy, Indie
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Watch me Stream my Mental Breakdown is a unique strategy game from indie developers Ultaan Games. 

Enjoy a quirky little story where you must grind out your follower count as you become a famous online streamer. Deal with online algorithms, manage your resources (namely, money and your mental health) and avoid as much toxicity as possible to keep yourself sane and safe in the darker corners of the web. All of this done through a card battle system that provides a much more complex strategy game than you may realize.

Watch me Stream my Mental Breakdown is available for PC, Linux and Mac. 

Developer Quote

Over 100 flavorful cards to strategize your channel growth with
Painfully realistic audience growth mechanics
Placement algorithm-driven pressure to grind everyday at the expense of your health
Realistically miserable resource management

Keep your eye on resources: Grind your viewership but don’t forget about the money. You won’t last long without money, and ramen is not a proper diet either. Mental health is also nice to have!
Your mental health carries over: It doesn’t magically replenish itself from stream to stream, so think long-term, and keep it above zero!
Toxicity is not your friend: It can drive traffic, but you’ll need to learn to contain it if you want to survive in this cutthroat business.