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Greg Lobanov
Greg Lobanov
Nintendo Switch
Release Date
September 27, 2018 (Calendar)
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Wandersong is an inventive musical adventure game developed and published by Greg Lobanov. The melodic story stars a happy-go-lucky bard accompanied by his pessimistic witch sidekick journeying across the world to learn the mystical Earthsong. What's the worst that could happen on an adventure to save humanity?

As the story commences, the bard is confronted by a vibrant spirit informing him of the world's inevitable demise. However, by collecting pieces of the Earthsong's composition from the world's Overseers, preserving his homeland may be achievable after all. Explore vibrant harmonic environments where the minstrel's voice animates his surroundings, inspires those around him, and occasionally annoys some individuals here and there. Not everyone can be happy, unfortunately. When troubles arise, using the wits of the bard's musical talent to solve puzzles and sing his way out of pretty much any problem imaginable proves to be fairly elementary. Nonetheless, even a world inspired by music can't be joyous forever.

Side-scrolling your way through various towns with the luxury of full controller support demands inevitable conversation with the town folk. The enormous cast of vivacious characters lingering within the world of Wandersong certainly aren't a boring bunch. By conversing with every individual the bard happens upon, the story becomes richer and the characters acquire their own eccentric personalities. Sometimes the little songster even gets cornered with a side quest or two. Getting to the nitty-gritty of the mysterious Earthsong requires interacting with these intriguing beings on a more personal basis as well, but that's half the fun of it.

Wandersong is jam-packed with numerous music stand-offs, limitless lives, and colorful environments. Even with some hindrances and setbacks along the way, the whimsical bard must find a way to keep the world from perishing. Will finding the missing pieces to the Earthsong be enough to save the day?