Viscerafest Key Art

Indie developers Acid Man Games and Fire Plant Games bring us a fast-paced action experience in Viscerafest

A first-person shooter invoking the styles of classic 90’s FPS’s, Viscerafest will have you navigating nonlinear hand-crafted levels filled with puzzles and secrets. Use nine unique weapons, from classics like a shotgun to off-the-wall guns that fit the retro-futuristic aesthetic. Use them all to slaughter dozens of enemies on a map.

Fight to stay alive though, and manage your health and ammo as best as possible to survive. Along the way though, don’t be afraid to collect some unique collectibles, if you can find them.

Viscerafest is currently in early access but is available for the PC and Linux systems. 


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Game Info
1C Entertainment
Release Date
May 20, 2021 (Calendar)
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