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Soleil Ltd.
110 Industries

Vengeance is Mine has players playing as Gabriel Jaeger, who was almost killed by time travelers. Said travelers were heading back to 1664 in order to obtain an old piece of technology called the Deacon, which is a military installation buried under the streets of New Amsterdam. Charles Jaeger takes control of the Deacon and explains to his people that they're going to use the Deacon to meet Robert Wright, their spiritual leader who is beyond space and time. 

Gabriel wields a prototype Hydra suit that comes with a time-manipulation mechanic. The mechanic allows you to speed up time and blink towards enemies. You can also use it to rewind time to adjust combos and evade being murdered again. The suit comes with a projectile weapon that will allow you to shoot foes from a distance.

Vengeance is Mine will release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in 2024.