Undetected key art showing off the main character and logo.
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Antonio Freyre
Release Date
September 30, 2022 (Calendar)
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Undetected is set in 2063 in Yucatan, Mexico. A cell of the revolutionary group Los Desplazados has gone missing, which includes the group's leader, Gloria. Players take control of Tenoch Kaan, a member of Los Desplazados and a reformed agent of CIMACORP that has been deployed to find the whereabouts of the cell. Equipped with the latest biotechnological enhancements, players must find the missing members of Desplazados while ensuring CIMACORP doesn't become aware of their presence.

Players will have to use sound wisely in order to survive; every footstep, surface, weapon, or item can make noise, potentially gaining the attention of the enemy. To gain an advantage, players can use Scout Mode, which slows down the action and shows the layout of an area with an augmented top-down view. Deadly force is not permitted, and players are only able to use their weapons to incapacitate and immobilize their enemies.

Undetected will release on PC on September 30, 2022.