Tree of Life: Oddria!

Tree of Life: Oddria!
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Tree of Life: Oddria! is an action-adventure casual indie RPG that has players waking up on a strange island. They're then presented with several choices: will they be a kind friend or an enemy to those who are also living on the island? It's up to the player, and with online co-op you can either cooperate or make it a competition as everyone races to the top of the island. 

Players will be able to gather resources by farming, ranching, and fishing. They'll also be able to create useful tools as they build their new home and investigate ancient mysteries. Players will have to protect themselves at night from zombies while also hunting powerful monsters.

Tree of Life: Oddria! will launch in 2022 on Steam's Early Access program for PC.

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The journey begins once again. You wake up on a strange island. Now it all depends on your choices. Will you be a kind friend? Or will you be the enemy? All the stories unfold now in the world of Oddria.